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History of Freemasonry in Penzance and Princes Hall

14th June 1755

Lodge of St John The Baptist No.271 (Penzance)

Warranted on 14th June 1755, Lodge number changed to 199 in 1755, and finally to 163 in 1770. This Lodge was eventually erased on the 5th Februrary 1777.

1st November 1769

St Georges Lodge No.163 (Georgetown, Grenada)

Warranted on the 1st November 1769, renamed to Mount Sinai Lodge in 1812. Antients or (Atholl) lodge, lapsed in 1813.

"Thus the second lodge to be formed in Grenada was to be the first in the Eastern Caribbean, outside of the Virgin Islands, to be warranted by the Antients. It was warranted on 1st November 1769 and located in the Parish of St George’s and numbered No. 163.

This lodge was also the first of a number of lodges in Grenada (some 3 at different times) to carry the same name, St. George, no doubt from its physical proximity to the town of St. Georges. Although this name was to have been officially adopted much later (in 1792) it was still later changed to “Mount Sinai Lodge” probably to avoid any confusion with the other lodge formed by the Antients in 1792 carrying the name St. Georges."  (The History of Freemasonry in Grenada).


St Michael's Lodge No.503 (Marazion, Penzance)

Warranted in 1777, number changed to 408 in 1770 and finally in 1781 to 409. Erased 10th Februrary 1790.

21st December 1813

Mount Sinai Lodge No.163 (Penzance)

Warranted on 21st December 1813, number changed to 200 in 1814 and then to 142 in 1832 and finally to 121 in 1863. Revived from the Lodge in Grenada West Indies, Antients or (Atholl) Lodge.

27 December 1813

Creation of The United Grand Lodge of England

The unification of the 'Ancients' and 'Moderns' grand lodges. Constituted at Freemasons' Hall, London with the Duke of Sussex (younger son of King George III) as Grand Master.


Holy Mount Chapter No.121 (formed)

Warranted in 1833, as a Royal Arch Lodge.

8th January 1896

Grand Opening of Princes Hall (Princes Street)

Mount Sinai Lodge hold the opening to their new meeting hall formerly Penzance billards Club. A full refurbishment was carried out including new stained glass windows, a new staircase, and extensive decoration by R. Colenso and Sons Builders and Decorators. (as recorded in The Cornishman newspaper)

7th August 1929

St Levan Lodge No.5134 (formed)

Warranted on 7th August 1929, a (Daughter Lodge) of Mount Sinai No.121.

1st November 1944

Lodge Lyonesse No.6014 (formed)

Warranted on 1st November 1944, a (Daughter Lodge) of Mount Sinai No.121.

28th April 1977

St Levan Chapter No.5134 (formed).

Warranted on 28th April 1977, as a Royal Arch Lodge.

27th April 1989

Sir Humphry Davy Lodge No.9327 (formed)

Warranted on 27th April 1989, a (Daughter Lodge) of Mount Sinai No.121.

Craft Lodges

Mount Sinai Lodge No.121
St Levan Lodge No. 5134
Lodge Lyonesse No. 9327
Sir Humphry Davy Lodge No. 9327


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